What is Renovade about?

Renovade is a website that aims to help homeowners like yourself save time on the search for a suitable interior design company by creating an easy and fuss free experience.


How can Renovade help in my renovation process?

With the help of the Renovade questionnaire our professionals are able to fully understand your needs, this allows them to provide an initial quote via email. This saves your hassle of having to receive multiple calls from various interior designers and reduces the need for meeting many interior designers, just to receive a quote from them. Renovade will save you hours!


Are the professionals featured on Renovade reliable and trustworthy?

Our dedicated team will perform a round of due diligence before listing them. Some of the checks include, but are not limited to, looking up the firm’s ACRA registration details, understanding the firm’s business and direction, homeowners’ reviews on these firms etc. They will only be brought on board if they are a good fit for Renovade.


Are the interior-designers on Renovade HDB-licensed?

It varies from firm to firm. As interior designers often sub-contract the general works out to contractors, they are not required to have them. Instead, you should check if their contractors are HDB-licensed as that is compulsory for HDB renovation works.

Why do I have to submit a quote request?

By submitting one, we will be able to match you with up to 5 ID firms that best match your renovation requirements. In this way, you will not receive too many quotations from different firms, making your decision making process an easier one.

How can I save more time when searching for a renovation professional?

By creating personal tiers or narrowing down from the initial list of professionals, you can save more time than you will realise.


Does Renovade commission from interior designers?

In order maintain the integrity of our listings and recommendations, Renovade does not receive any commission from any of our professionals.

How do I narrow my search for renovation projects?

We encourage you to take some time and give proper consideration to each quote and check for external reviews of each company before deciding which one to meet.

Do the renovation prices include furniture and appliances?

Browse and save tens of thousands of local renovation projects along with the works included and renovation price! Plus, you can get complimentary quotes from up to 5 interior designers.

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