What is Renovade?

Renovade is an educational renovation portal that wants to give you a head start in your renovation process. Providing you with tips and simple know-how to ensure you have a hassle-free renovation journey.

Whether you are a homeowner or homeowner to-be, when you request for a free quote specifically tailored to your budget and requirement, we will pair you with our trusted interior designers.

How can Renovade help me?

With years of experience in the industry, Renovade wants to help you by passing our knowledge to you. Covering every aspect of the renovation, our tips and sharing will benefit you in your renovation journey. Together with our trusted interior designers, we want to help you achieve your dream home. Let us help you today, submit a request for a quotation for up to 5 interior designers at no cost.

Why do I have to submit for quotation?

Getting a quotation is the first step to renovating your house. By requesting for a quotation, Renovade can then match you with up to 5 of our trusted interior designers.

How does Renovade's questionnaire help me?

Our specially curated questions will provide our interior designers with a better understanding of your requirements even before your meeting. The information you give can save you anywhere from 5 to 10 hours of your time of full meeting and the trouble of getting your ideas across during your first meeting with every ID you meet.

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