Renovation cost for a new unit (Bathroom)

Types of works:

A. Masonry Work

B. Plumbing work

C. Carpentry work

D. Counter top work

E. Shower Screen work

A. Masonry Work

As new units come with floor and wall tiles, not much masonry work is required. However, if you can’t see yourself living with the existing tiles that have been provided, you can choose to overlay with tiles of your choice.

Breakdown of cost for flooring work at

Bathroom area:

1. Floor material

2. Labour cost

3. Raw material cost

4. Shower kerb

461D bukit batok west by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

B. Plumbing work

If you decide to use the HDB provided sanitary fittings, your plumbing cost is pretty low. The only major cost that will constitute to plumbing work is the installation of the water heater. However, we have listed down the different types of plumbing work needed if you decide not to use the sanitary fittings provided by HDB? Here is rough idea of how much it will set you back.

Punggol Field by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Type of plumbing work:

· Installation & connection of water heater

· Installation of bathroom accessories

· Installation of sanitary fitting (if decide not to use HDB provided fitting)

Unless you decide to use the existing sanitary fitting and shower head, the plumbing cost for the bathroom is only limited to the installation of toilet accessories (tower hanger, toilet roll holder etc.) and the water heater.

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