Breaking down renovation cost (Doors)

Types of door works:

A. Bedroom doors

B. Bathroom doors

C. Main doors

A. Bedroom Doors

Bedrooms and bathrooms doors are already installed if you opt-in for HDB optional component scheme. If you opt-out, you have the luxury to choose different type and designs for your bedroom and bathroom doors.

58 Havelock Road by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

605 Hougang Ave 4 by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

B. Bathroom door

If you have no intention of doing a shower screen in your bathroom, do consider installing an aluminium door for your bathrooms. Due to the size of the bathroom, it’s inevitable that water will splash during showering and might affect the wooden bathroom door. Causing it to rot and warp.

One of the advantages of an aluminium door is as it’s able to fold when opening and closing, the radius of the door is half leaving you more space to manoeuvre in the bathroom.

If your bathroom door has already been installed by HDB, you can keep it as dismantling and installing an aluminium door is not a messy job.

C. Main door

Main door is one of the few exterior facade that people will notice first. The ‘right’ door can sets the tone for the overall experience of the house.

326 Ubi Ave 1 by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Single leaf door – A single rigid panel that fills the doorway

Double leaf door – 2 adjacent independent panels hinged on each side of doorway.

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