C. Carpentry Works

If you do not fancy the bathroom sink by HDB and want more storage space for your bathroom essential. You can consider a vanity cabinet. As wood is susceptible to water, make sure to have a shower screen or curtain to prevent it from deteriorating.

Type of carpentry work:

1. Bottom vanity cabinet

2. Top vanity cabinet (Mirror door)

998A Buangkok Crescent by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Cost of vanity cabinet is from $120 pfr but do check with your appointed designer as space constrain and vanity design might come into play.

D. Counter top works

For every vanity cabinet, comes with counter top. These 2 more often than not comes in a pair.

461D Bukit Batok West by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Most counter top supplier have a minimum order of 4 feet, and as most vanity cabinet in BTO unit, vanity cabinet are usually around 3 feet long or shorter. Do keep to the similar counter top type and design you are using for your kitchen cabinet to avoid additional cost.

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