B. Carpentry Work

Customized carpentry is highly advisable for all bedrooms in Singapore as the average size of a HDB bedroom is around 160 sqf or 15 sqm. It’s a tight squeeze to include a wardrobe for a couple and a king size bed.

Open concept wardrobe and mirror door sliding wardrobe is gaining popularity in Singapore due to space constrains.

90 Tanglin Halt by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Reno Tip: Any carpentry work that is from floor to ceiling (i.e full height wardrobe, shoe cabinet) are usually charged by per foot run.

C. Hacking work

Space is a premium in a HDB bedrooms and many homeowners might be tempted to hack the wall between the 2 bedrooms.

Breakdown of cost of hacking work in bedroom:

1. Hacking of wall (Depending on length)

2. Make good of flooring & ceiling affected by hacking

The cost of hacking largely depending on the length of the wall you are hacking. In most cases, there’s a structural wall between the master bedroom and bedroom 2. So the hackable wall is reduced meaning cost is reduced to achieve a walkway between the 2 bedrooms.

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