Renovation cost for new unit (Living & Dining area)

Living & Dining area

Type of works:

A. Masonry work

B. Carpentry work

C. Ceiling work

A. Type of Masonry work:

1. Floor works

2. Feature wall tiles

1. Floor tiles

There are many different types of flooring options in the market today. And the price range for these different types of flooring is huge. We have tabulated the average price of different flooring options to the different types of HDB flats in a table below.

Do note that the amount shown in the table below are prices of the material itself. It does not include labor and raw materials (Cement etc.) cost. Floor skirting are charged separately so do check with your appointed designer.

64 Telok Blangah Drive by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Breakdown of cost for flooring work at living & dining area:

1. Floor material

2. Skirting

3. Labor cost

4. Raw material cost

2. Feature wall tiles

The cost of the feature wall tiles depends on the length. Do check with your appointed designer to see which wall is best suited to be the feature wall and will make it standout. Tiles price for feature wall are usually priced at $3 psf onward.

Reno tips - Using texture surfaces for feature wall can add subtle interest and extra dimension to the space. Their raised or embossed surfaces are perfect for adding a bit of textural nuance to any neutral setting.

Punggol Field by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Breakdown of cost for feature wall tiles at living & dining area:

1. Wall material

2. Labour cost

3. Raw material cost

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