Living & Dining area (Carpentry)

Carpentry is usually charged by the length, or in renovation term per foot run (PFR). So the longer your cabinetry is, the more expensive your carpentry cost will be. However, there are some instances whereby cabinetry work is charged by lump sum or by per square foot.

Carpentry works require many details and such details will affect the final cost. The following is some of the common factors:

1. Type of material for cabinetry

2. Complexity of design

3. Type of finishes for cabinetry

156 Tampines st 12 by Albedo Design Pte Ltd

With so many details and factors that will affect the final cost, how are you able to set a budget? Most of the carpentry work quoted in the contract is quoted by using the standard set of specifications. And these specifications are:

1. Internal white PVC

2. Standard laminate finish

3. Doors with ABS trimmings

4. Casement doors with generic soft-closing hinges

5. Drawers with extension tracks

Other options outside of the standard specification might incur further costs, do check with your appointed designer for the final cost.

529 Serangoon North Ave by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

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