Living & Dining area (Ceiling work)

As the living & dining areas are the most spacious areas in the house, ceiling work can add a sense of depth to the monotonous flat ceiling surface. It can also give you more lighting options.

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The following table shows the cost of the standard ceiling work. For unique ceiling designs, do check with your appointed designer for the final cost. Do note that the design of the false ceiling or L-box might affect your electrical work such as the position of lights and visible trucking.

Overview of cost in living & dining area

We have tabulated a table of the average cost of different type of works in living and dining area. You can use this table as a gauge when planning for your living and dining area renovation.

Things to note:

Masonry - The cost of the masonry work depends on the cost of flooring material you have chosen.

Carpentry - The cost of carpentry work depends on the type of material and the size of cabinetry.

Ceiling - The cost of ceiling work depends on the size and the design.

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