Breaking down renovation cost (Paint)


There are many different brands of paint in the market. Do check with your appointed designer the brand of paint that they are using and charging. There will be extra charges for painting other items such as door frames.

988a Buangkok Crescent by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

20 Bedok South by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Textured walls can drive up the price of painting by 50% as it requires more works. As compare to colour accent wall, its cost around 25% more. So choosing the same colour throughout the house, you’re able to cut down on the paint wastage and hence lower the cost of paint.

Breaking down renovation cost (Cleaning)

Type of cleaning:

A. General washing

B. Chemical washing

For renovation that doesn’t involved masonry work or cement work, general washing is suffice. However, we suggest to go for a deep cleaning before moving in.

Jalan Mutiara by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

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