Breaking down renovation cost (windows/ windows grille)

Type of windows:

A. Casement window

B. Sliding window

For a new unit, windows are already installed so there’s any need to replace them. Furthermore, there are colour code and design to adhere to. The only window work will be in the service yard.

For BTO service yard, you can only install sliding window with 3 panels. Casement window can’t be installed as it will hit the laundry system provided by HDB.

31 Ghim Moh Link by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Type of window grille:

Depending on the design of the BTO project, windows in the living room are often separated into 3 portions. The top, middle and bottom portion. Typically, you only need to install window grilles in the middle portion. As the bottom portion of the window is fixed and the top portion has an opening that is not bad for children to climb out.

288a Compassvale Crescent by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

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