Most of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about room colour or it’s even low on the priority list during your renovation but the colours of the room affect us every day. It can influence our moods and thoughts.

Apart from choosing the colours, within each colours, there are varies shades and tones. And each shade and tones can affect people in many ways. Don’t worry about colours trends as they come and go. Go for colours that reflect on your personality and preferences.

More often than not, you are stuck with 2 to 3 options of paint colours and can be quite intimidating if you are not equipped with some basic information on the colours and their effects.

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Blue is known to help lower blood pressure and help calm one’s breathing. It’s considered calming and relaxing and is often recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms. Warmer blue such as turquoise, cerulean and periwinkle can be considered in social areas like family rooms or living rooms.

If you are choosing a blue paint colour, go for softer shades as dark blue evokes sadness and have an opposite effect of a lighter shade of blue. Light and warm blues are easy to balance with warm hues and furnishing.


Yellow conveys emotions such as energy, joy and attention and is also helpful in easing depression. It’s a good choice for the kitchen, dining and bathrooms. However, yellow is not a good choice for the main colour schemes but it works great as an accent.

If you are choosing a yellow paint colour, do avoid intense deep yellows as it can increase hyperactivity and also shorten tempers in both children and adults. Lemon yellow is a great alternative to a more aggressive yellow shade.


White is the most commonly used colour in interior design. Especially where cleaning and food preparation are prevalent. This is so that you can see anything that contrasts with the white and clean it up. White or off-white help make your home feel more spacious and open. It is not an energy or calm-inducing colour, it gives a happy medium that makes you feel clean.

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Green is considered the most restful and soothing colour to the eye among all room colour. It evokes feeling off tranquility and composure because of the green shades found in nature. It’s a great choice of colour in the bedroom as it’s believed to relieve stress by helping people to relax and also believe to help with fertility. Green is suited for almost any room in the house if it's combining with blue or yellow colour.


Purple is said to stimulate problem-solving areas in our brain and promote creativity and intuition and artistic ability. Lighter shades of purple such as lavender and lilac are suited to a bedroom as they are calming and light, setting a peaceful and tranquil mood. Dark purple is best used as an accent or combine with a lighter shade for optimizing results.


Red is the most intense room colour. It's recommended using this colour to social rooms as opposed to rooms that are meant for relaxing. As red has been shown to raise blood pressure and heart rate. Red is best suited as an accent colour instead of the primary colour as it is usually considered too stimulating.

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