To help you further make the right choice for flooring, Renovade has come up with a guidebook for selecting the most suitable flooring material for your home.

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Most homeowners lump their renovation budget together and not knowing how much they should budget for individual renovation component. This often results in the actual renovation cost exceeding your budget.

Depending on the scale of your flooring work, it can be one of the more costly components. Certain flooring works such as laminate and vinyl, the labour or installation cost is usually factored in the quote. As for tiles, you’ll need to factor in the labour and raw material cost on top of the price of the tiles to have the full cost of your flooring work.

Do check with your designer prior upon selection of your flooring material to get the full cost of your flooring work.

Extra costs:

Most of the flooring options in the market are durable. However, maintenance cost such as lacquering or re-sealing is one factor to consider. Before finalizing your choice, make sure to check with your designer what is the maintenance required, the frequency and the cost.

Appropriate flooring for different rooms:

Some flooring materials are better suited according to the function of the rooms. Therefore it’s important to know the property and characteristic of the flooring materials before deciding, and not based just on the appearance.


Flooring material that is made from natural material such as solid hardwood or natural stone requires slightly more maintenance than manufactured floor tiles. Check your comfort level of maintenance before deciding as floors are bound to get dirty no matter how sturdy they are. A well-maintained floor can add value to your house.

For those who have an idea of which flooring material they want but don’t know where to look, we got you covered. Stay tuned as we list down our recommended flooring shops.

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