Why is the work description in the renovation contract important?

It’s all about keeping everything in black and white; every single detail that was discussed and confirmed with your designer. We advise you list the items confirmed inside the contract.

1. Include Type of Materials or Finishing

For example, the type of materials or finishing should be written in the contract in case of any dispute in the future.

Wrong example: 10 ft kitchen cabinet at kitchen = $1,000

Right example: Fabricate and install 10 ft bottom kitchen cabinet with internal colour, PVC with soft closing hinges = $1,000

2. Request for Cost Break Down

Breaking down the cost: For every work done, there should be a cost listed beside it. Do look out for works listed as a lump sum.

Wrong example: Hacking work for whole house = $2,000

Right example: Hacking of floor tiles at living room = $1,000

Hacking and demolish of partition wall at living room = $1,000

3. Any Dispute, Fall Back on the Contract

With these details being listed, you can always fall back on the contract should any dispute or misunderstanding arise during the renovation process. #home #renovation #interiordesigner #interior #design #style #budget #cost #contract #dispute #designer #renovade

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