Why is having some knowledge process flow useful?

As a homeowner whose house is under renovation, you might be eager to check out the progress of your new house now and then during your renovation.

One important factor to know about the renovation process flow is payment. Payment is usually made according to the STAGES of COMPLETION of WORK. It helps you to prepare for the next set of payments.

Renovade suggested payment milestones:

Deposit upon signing of contract: 10%

Upon commencement of work: 30%

Upon completion of wet work: 30%

Before Carpentry installation: 25%

Defect rectification and handover: 5%

The renovation progress flow gives you an idea of the SEQUENCE OF WORKS. This is crucial if the sequence of works is not followed, it will cause delay and maybe in some cases incurred more cost to rectify. As renovation works vary from project to project, do check with your appointed designer to have a full scope of your project. In the next article, we will be going through with you the sequence of works for a full renovation.

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