Tiling Works:

Masonry work is a term that you might come across when doing your renovation or in the renovation contract. Masonry is work that involved concrete such as laying of floor and wall tiles.


Floor & wall tiles – Kitchen is one area of the house that experiences heavy foot traffic and regular spills. Tiles are one of the most durable forms of flooring available and it’s easy to clean. It’s also water-resistant which makes it a good choice for areas that might get wet.

Kitchen cabinet base – It is a concrete base which your kitchen cabinet sits on. Its primary purpose is to AVOID WATER from SEEPING UNDER the CABINET due to washing or cleaning of floor. 

Bottom kitchen cabinets have a depth of 600mm from the wall to the front of the cabinet, and the kitchen cabinet base is usually done to a depth of 550mm from the wall. This small space allows your toes to slip in and have a more comfortable preparation position.

Fridge base & Washing machine base – Both serve the same purpose as the kitchen cabinet. It elevates the fridge and washing machine so that water won’t be stagnant under the appliances and causes RUST UNDERNEATH. It also depends on how you wash your kitchen floor and the frequency to it, if a simple cleaning and mopping suffices, then the concrete base is not necessary.

Majority of the cost in the kitchen comes from the materials such as cement and tiles. The prices of tile can range from $2 per sq ft onwards and the selection is also limitless. Do check with your designer about the price range of tiles you can choose from.

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