Choosing your designer is just the first of many choices you have to make during your renovation journey. How smooth your renovation journey will turns out depends on your choice.

Let us help you by going through some of the pointers to select a designer that fits you.

1. Know your style

Knowing your style helps you choose a designer. If you do not have any particular style in mind, fret not. You can always browse through the designer’s portfolio for something that you fancy.

2. Set a budget

Setting a budget helps to narrow down your shortlisted choice of designers to meet. Ask plenty of questions during the meeting about the designer’s past projects, the cost and duration and any other concerns you might have.

3. Keep an open mind

Always remember to keep an open mind as there is no perfect designer. Even if your chemistry is good, you may find yourself not being able to click when it comes to certain details. Keep an open mind and don’t dismiss the designer’s suggestions without giving it a chance.

After meeting all the designers, it’s time to compare. List down the pros and cons of your shortlisted designers. Always remember the cheaper option is not always the best choice. Apart from cost, the other deciding factor in choosing a designer is your comfort level being with them, as you will be working very closely with your appointed designer for the duration of your renovation period.

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