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TV Console:

Very often the living room is the area where you set the tone and theme for the rest of your home. It also helps to serve as a visual anchor in the living room. Stand mount TV also helps in a number of scenarios such as cleaning and repositioning for viewing angle.

Do you need it? For homeowners who prefer a TV stand to a wall-mounted TV, having a TV console is necessary. With various cords, cable receiver, games consoles and other equipment, having a customized TV console is a great way to store and organize all your TV accessories and reduce clutter in your living room.

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Feature Wall:

For homeowners who prefer wall-mounted TV, having a feature wall can help negates a couple of issues. For a smaller room or house, you do not need a surface space to place your TV on. Hence saving space in the process. It also allows some flexibility to where and the height you want your TV to be placed.

As all electronic devices require wiring, a feature wall is able to hide wiring instead of a TV that is mounted directly onto the wall. The thing to note, most TV access ports are located at the back of the TV. Most wall mounts are low profile and have a very little gap between the TV and the wall.

Do you need it? Homeowners who are looking for a clean look despite having many entertainment electronic devices can strongly consider both TV console and feature wall. Cables will be hidden to prevent a cluttered look.

If you are looking for additional storage space, a feature wall can help to fill this gap. Depending on your wall size, storage space can be catered and incorporated into the feature wall.

As the TV console & feature wall is mainly located in the living room, it is often the centrepiece of your living room. It’s also the main source of entertainment for you and your guests.

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Wooden Raised Platform:

Raised platform has slowly overtaken the partition wall as a mean to segregate spaces while not feeling “boxed” in. With cove lighting installed underneath the elevated platform, it can make look more spacious.

Do you need it? Depends on the space you have and what’s your intention of using that space. If in the same space (eg. living room), you want to segregate further into a living and study area, you can consider a raised platform.

Raised platform is an ideal feature for those who like open concept and minimalist style.

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Shoe Cabinet:

Probably the first carpentry work to greet your guests when entering your house. Shoe cabinet sets the tone for the style and theme for the rest of your house.

Do you need it? For a home that does not want your living room to be looked into when someone is at your front door, having a shoe cabinet is ideal as it offers some form of privacy as well as storage space.

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Wall-Cladding with Tic-Tac Door @ Bomb Shelter:

To most bomb shelter door is an eyesore in your newly renovated unit. However, there’s a way to disguise and beautify the area if applicable. One of the most common methods is to conceal the bomb shelter door with a tic-tac door with wall-cladding with the same material.

Do you need it? Purely down to personal preference. If the layout of your unit allows and the bomb shelter is located in a prominent location in your house, why not?

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Build-in Dining Bench or Banquette Seating:

A banquette is a dining bench that seats multiple people, it can be freestanding or built-in furniture that is often tucked against a wall. It's often seen as a unique feature in a home. Generally custom-build for dining space, you can add features such as storage space or bookcases.

Do you need it? Banquette seating can offer more seating than dining seats, this is especially true for families with children. For homeowners who are looking to expand their kitchen into the dining area, banquette seating is a great option as it’s tucked against a wall instead of being in the centre of the dining room.

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