Cement Screed flooring:

Cement screed is a thin layer that is applied to the concrete to ensure that the surface is smooth and even. Its purpose is to lay floor finishes on a smoothed surface.

As cement screed flooring is filling the whole floor as a single piece unlike other types of flooring (tiles size), cracks are almost expected to happen. Cement screed usually requires sealing as it’s porous and you might not get the result you desire.

Day to day maintenance is similar to other flooring material but repairing hairline cracks can be quite problematic depending on the severity.

Average cost ranges for cement screed from $8 to $20 psf.

101 Jalan Rajah by Fineline Design Pte Ltd


Carpet provides a softer alternative when compared to hard flooring options such as tiles or hardwoods. The average cost for carpet is around $5 - $10 psf for low to mid-range.

Depending on your lifestyle and the different type of carpets, carpets often require a higher level of maintenance compare to other floorings. With occasional deep cleaning and regular vacuuming.

There are several types of carpet and the differences are the types of fibres used. Carpet comes in different qualities and grades.

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