Ultimate Guide to Overall Cost of New Unit (BTO) Part 2

Electrical work

For a new unit, there are lighting and socket points provided by HDB. Typically there is only 1 light and socket point in a different part of your house. Electrical works are charged by per point basis, so the more lights or socket points you have in your house, the more expensive it will cost.

20 Bedok South by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

There are many different types of lights in the market and the cost of installing different types of lights varies due to its complexity.

122 Bellewood by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

If the existing point in your new unit is not at your desired location, you can shift the existing point instead of installing a new point. More often than not, the shifting of powerpoint occurs in the kitchen and bedrooms.

Doors work:

Plenty of door designs to choose from to fit into your theme and style while still performing its primary objectives.

58 Havelock Road by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Aluminium bathroom doors is a better option if your bathroom does not have a shower screen. Furthermore, bathroom doors tents to swing inward into the bathroom, aluminium doors are able to fold when opening and closing hence leaving more space to manoeuvre.

Main door is one of the few exterior façade that people will notice first. The ‘right’ door can sets the tone for the overall experience of the house.

326 Ubi Ave 1 by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Window work:

For a new unit, windows are already installed so there’s any need to replace them. Furthermore, there are colour code and design to adhere to. The only window work will be in the service yard.

For BTO service yard, you can only install sliding window with 3 panels. Casement window can’t be installed as it will hit the laundry system provided by HDB.

31 Ghim Moh Link by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Depending on the design of the BTO project, windows in the living room are often separated into 3 portions. The top, middle and bottom portion. Typically, you only need to install window grilles in the middle portion.

288a compassvale crescent by Fineline Design Pte Ltd


There are many different types of paint in the market, from different finishes to paint with specific purpose such as anti-mosquitoes.

998A buangkok crescent by Fineline Design Pte Ltd


For renovation that doesn’t involved masonry work or cement work, general washing is suffice. However, we suggest to go for a deep cleaning before moving in.

Jalan Mutiara by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

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