Ultimate renovation cost guide for Resale unit - Breaking down the cost for better budget management

In this new series, we will be going through with you the cost of renovation in Singapore. We want to help homeowners to manage their budget, how to keep them low and some tips and tricks to achieve your dream home.

Using a renovation calculator without knowing the details such as type of materials or length and area of work done can be quite redundant. The renovation cost that appears might range from thousands of dollars apart. Does that really help with your budgeting?

A lot of details are involved in planning for a renovation, and such details might cause you to go over budget if you are not aware. Lest to mention the numerous types of materials out there in the market.

Riverbank by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

More often than not, we have a budget for almost everything to keep. It’s especially more important for renovation cost, as the sky is the limit. Renovade wants to help you by breaking down every single detail to help you make the right choice and also keep your budget in check.

You may have heard of renovation horror stories online or from a friend, and the last thing you want is to experience it yourself. The inconvenience of rectifying certain works when you have already moved in and also the additional cost incurred is one of the few reasons why you should equip yourself with certain knowledge of how renovation work goes.

Hacking works:

For resale unit, it’s almost a certainty that there will be hacking works going on. Most notably in the kitchen and bathrooms. However, if the existing condition of tiles allows, you can opt to overlay the tiles instead of hacking. Do check and clarify with your appointed designer before overlaying.

334 Woodlands st 32 by M2 Decor

One of the main concern in the kitchen and especially the bathroom is water leaking to the unit below you. Always check with the previous owner when the last time the bathroom and kitchen were renovated or Home Improvement Program (HIP) is done.

For precautionary measure, you can ask your neighbour directly below you to see if there’s any leaking or wet patches on the ceiling of their bathroom. If there is, it’s advisable to hack and apply waterproofing. Take this renovation opportunity to solve this issue as it not only concern you but also your neighbour.

Miscellaneous hacking work such as removing door and door frame is often not included in the overall hacking work. Do clarify with your appointed designer what type of hacking work is included.

Haulage is disposal of renovation debris to a designated location. It’s one of the most common items left out in the contract, so do look out for it if you are doing any hacking works.

138 Hillview Residence by Albedo Design

If you have any questions that are not covered in this article and would like to seek professional advice, feel free to chat with our in-house designer at @Renovade on telegram.

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