Ultimate renovation cost guide for resale unit -Breaking down the cost for better budget management

Renovation cost for resale unit (Living & Dining area)

Type of works:

A. Masonry work

B. Carpentry work

C. Ceiling work

A. Type of Masonry work:

1. Floor works

2. Feature wall tiles

3. Hollow block wall

101 Jalan Rajah by Fineline Design

1. Flooring work – Choosing flooring is far more complex than finding the nicest looking product. There are many other aspects to consider such as durability, cost and safety aspect like slip rating. Such aspects will greatly influence your decision. In this article, we will go through with you the different type of flooring and the cost.

The full breakdown of masonry works for living & dining area is FLOOR MATERIAL, SKIRTING, LABOUR COST and RAW MATERIAL COST.

2. Feature wall tiles – The cost of the feature wall tiles depends greatly on the length. Do check with your appointed designer to see which wall is best suited to be the feature wall and will make it standout. Tiles price for feature wall are usually priced at $3psf onwards.

Reno tips - Using texture surfaces for feature wall can add subtle interest and extra dimension to the space. Their raised or embossed surfaces are perfect for adding a bit of textural nuance to any neutral setting.

Punggol Field by Fineline Design

3. Hollow block wall – Erecting hollow block wall is one way to segregate space in living & dining area. However, erecting a hollow block wall is subjected to HDB approval and is more expensive than the partition wall.

If you are looking to convert a section of your living room into a study room, one of the most popular design is to build a half-height wall with aluminium frame glass panel sitting on it.

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