Ultimate renovation cost guide for resale unit

- Breaking down the cost for better budget management

Renovation cost for resale unit (Bathroom area)

The bathroom is one room in the house where it can offer that momentary space of solitude and also a great place to unwind with a nice warm bath.

Bathroom is an area of the house that you should not look past when you’re doing your renovation. It’s an area of the house that consist of many different types of work. We have listed down the benefits of renovating the different types of works in the bathroom.

82B Macpherson Spring by M2 Decor Pte Ltd

The final cost of masonry work in the bathroom depends on the price of the tiles you choose. There are a wide variety of tiles in the market and prices vary greatly. Other costs for masonry work are pretty much fixed.

Pinnacle @ Duxton by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

The full breakdown of masonry works for living & dining area is FLOOR MATERIAL, LABOUR COST and RAW MATERIAL COST.

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