Ultimate renovation cost guide for resale unit - Breaking down the cost for better budget management

Renovation cost for resale unit (Bathroom area)

Exposed water piping can be an eyesore in the bathroom, do seek your appointed designer on how to minimize exposed water piping. Do note that hacking into the wall to hide water piping is not allowed. But using a false wall (calcium silicate board) laid with tiles is fine.

The cost of constructing a false wall depends on the length of the water piping, do seek your appointed designer for the feasibility and cost of the false wall.

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Carpentry Works

As wood is susceptible to water, make sure to have a shower screen or curtain to prevent it from deteriorating over time. You can choose to install a shower screen or shower curtain to prevent spillage from showering.

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Most countertop suppliers has a minimum order of 4 feet. If your vanity top is less than 4 feet, try to keep to the similar countertop type and design you are using for your kitchen cabinet to avoid additional cost.

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