Ultimate renovation cost guide for resale unit

- Breaking down the cost for better budget management

Renovation cost for resale unit (Door work)

Door Frame - Door frame are embedded into the wall for support. Removing door frame will cause slight damage to adjoining wall or floor and wall tiles. Repairing door frame can be quite costly so it’s best to get a door contractor to inspect the state of the door frame.

461D Bukit Batok West by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Bedroom: Doors are customizable with stainless steel, grove line and even frosted glass.

301 Ubi Ave 1 by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Bathroom Door:

Bathroom door has more variety as compared to other area of the house. Doors are also customizable to suit your colour themes.

Lorong 107 Changi by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Main Door: Main door is one of the few exterior façade that people will notice first. The ‘right’ door can sets the tone for the overall experience of the house.

326 Ubi Ave 1 by Fineline Design Pte Ltd

Single leaf door – A single rigid panel that fills the doorway

Double leaf door – 2 adjacent independent panels hinged on each side of doorway.

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