Wall cladding is the process of layering one material on top of your existing wall. It comes in many different materials and texture. Wall cladding can add an interesting twist to your interiors, without the worry of high maintenance.

With more and more options available, wall cladding has evolved and has become one of the “wow-factor” without splashing the cash.

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STONE CLADDING: Comes in thin layer of natural or artificial stones. Available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and texture.

TIPS: If choosing a darker tone, be advice to apply only on single section to avoid overpowering of the space. For lighter tone, you can use it to cover larger sections or more than 1 wall in the room.

TIMBER CLADDING: Available in a range of timber species and different timber species have varying physical properties and looks. Timber is an extremely eco-friendly material and is 100% renewable.

3D WALL CLADDING: 3D wall designs can create the effect of having more space, adds volume to the room. Less is more as the excess volume can tire eyes. 3D wall finish requires additional care as it contributes to the accumulation of dust.

GYPSUM 3D WALL PANELS – Gypsum is a strong material and is very durable. With gypsum board, you can use it for your acoustic room as it has high sound insulation characteristics. Gypsum 3D wall panel comes in different patterns that are suitable for every style and themes.

PLASTIC 3D WALL PANELS – Plastic 3D wall panels can be safely used in almost any room as its water and fire-resistance. Plastic panels have a wide range of colours and shapes and their ability to decorate on any surface make it one of the most popular options.

ALUMINIUM 3D PANELS – One of the most economical cladding material compared to other options in the market. Available in numerous colours and finishes and can replicate texture of natural stone and wood. Aluminium lightweight means that it can be mounted on plasterboard partitions.

MDF 3D PANELS – MDF comes in various thickness, textures and finishes. It’s one of the more economical cladding material and also environmentally friendly. MDF has the ability to not only use as a decoration for walls but also for decoration of partitions, furniture facades and even doors.

WOOD 3D PANELS – 3D wall panel made of natural wood are the most expensive type of 3D panel. Have a wide variety of wood to choose from and is available in different sizes and shape, making it highly customizable and allows for many design explorations.

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