Wallpaper can add character and can make a dull room with no interesting feature lively. Be it using as an accent on just 1 wall to coordinate with paint colours or to cover an entire room. Before you sift through the endless of wallpaper options out there, you would want to make sure that wallpaper is the right choice for the room.

Photo by Patricia Braune via https://www.wescover.com/p/wallpaper-by-patricia-braune-textile-and-surface-designer-at-private-residence--PB1jQcTg8E

Singapore mommy blogger Liang May from @mmlittlee renovated her apartment, creating a beautiful space for her family. My Island Frond Wallpaper was installed in Liang's dining room creating a tropical feature wall in her living space. Liang's apartment was then featured on the cover of Squarerooms magazine February 2018 edition.

Few things to consider before you buy wallpaper:

Durability - Wallpaper can last up to 15 years or more. Although the upfront cost of wallpaper is higher than painting, the durability of wallpaper can save you money over time. Most wallpaper is easy to clean and easy to maintain over time. Do check the “washability” of the wallpapers you are purchasing.

Visual appealing - Wallpaper can provide a level of creativity that you can’t find with paint. Available in endless variety of designs, patterns and surface finishing.

Layout and area of walls covered – The bigger the wall space, the more expensive it will be. How do you decide which area will make the wallpaper stands out? Avoid space or room that have many doors or windows and also visual wall space that has many features. For wall that is largely unobstructed, a large-scale pattern is ideal.

The wrong choice or pattern of wallpaper can dominate or clash with interior feature in the room, do seek your designer’s advice to avoid this scenario.

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